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Poligon, S.A.,founded In 1966 in Spain, focused initially on the manufacturing of memory foams, mattresses and sofas. Today it has earned recognition and a position with the highest reputation in the sleep industry. The founders, experts in the memory foam sector since before 1966, created Poligon, S.A. starting out with only rudimentary machinery and a small manufacturing plant. Today, the next generation of the family has not only continued this incredible legacy, but has also become more laser focused on the future of the company and the level of efficiency to accomplish the goals set forth.

Since its founding, Poligon has achieved continuous growth not only in their product lines but also in their continuous expansion into new markets and new industry sectors. As part of this expansion, in 1989 the company increased production capacity by incorporating new manufacturing processes and new machineries designed specifically for the fabrication of the highest grade of metal coils. This led to a specialization in design and the manufacturing of the highest quality Spring mattresses. Soon after, Poligon continued to the next level of expansion and began developing a full line of upholstered bases and upholstered storage beds. The company could have kept the company’s commercial activities focused on the local market, however, innovation and manufacturing expansion led to a dramatic increase on the commercial side. The company expanded into new markets nationally and internationally, exporting to many new countries throughout the European Union, North America, South America and Asia. Today, Poligon is comprised of three separate companies: Poligon S.A., Multi-comfort Mattresses S.L. and Naturalia by Poligon S.l. Each specialized in different fields and with independent product lines. These specialty models are Spring Mattresses, New Generation Mattresses (Latex And Viscoelastic), Hotel Mattresses and Special Mattresses for Seniors, Hospitals and patients with mobility issues and now Hand-made models. While each division may have its own product lines, the NET focus is the same…To produce the best sleep products in the world with a common objective: to expand, innovate and always develop the highest quality ever. The main production facility is located in Ugena (Toledo), Spain and encompasses 32,000 m2 (345,000 sq ft) of warehouse space, the production crew is comprised of the most skilled manufacturing teams in the industry led by a team of the most experienced Industrial Engineers with a vast training in the sleep industry.  

Following on the same path, our main manufacturing plant is equipped with the most modern and advanced machines including numerically controlled cutters. These cutters allow us to produce both, the widest array of viscoelastic mattresses and some of the most ergonomically designed models in the market. We have also developed an automated system to manufacture biconical coils, which also automates the production of the pocketed fabrics for the coil systems making the process more efficient and more precise. Our Quilting machines can produce continuous fabrics (lid to lid) which allows us the ability to create variations and modern designs in the fabrics. This also enables us to quilt several layers of rigid fabrics such as the Stretch Adaptable Fabrics. Advanced production capabilities allow us to produce all components in-house, which enables us to control the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the highest level of quality products and quick response time for our clients. We are able to offer a more personalized product line to our clients with a full line of customizable features as may be required. We can produce lines featured in our product catalog or modify based on the needs of each client. Currently the company has a division focused solely on quality control and soon we will have also achieved ISO IN UNE 9001 certifications along with ISO EN UNE 14001. The Philosophy of the Company: Achieve the loyalty of our clients through our determination and work, the best quality products in the world and an unparalleled level of service.